Mobile Vans Hose Crimping Machine

Powered by DC 12v battery, 2SN hose up to 2 inch.
Ideal for On-site / Out-door hydraulic repair service

● Specifications

◆ Crimp Capacity: 1SN, 2SN
I.D. up to 2 inch / 51mm
1 Braided Wire: 2"
2 Braided Wire: 2"
◆ Crimp Force: 2600kN
◆ Standard dies: 10 sets
◆ Voltage: DC 12v
◆ Motor Power: 2.2Kw
◆ Size: 450×480×460mm
◆ Net Weight: 170kg
◆ Gross Weight: 180kg
◆ Package: 480×510×530mm

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